Biddya Sinha Mim

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Biddya Sinha Mim

Biddya Sinha Mim

Biddya Sinha Mim is Banngladeshi Super star. We know her Mim. She wined the contest of Lux Channel I Super Star contest on 2007.
Mim was come from a Hundu Family. Her father was head of social Welfare Department in Comillah Victoria College and her mother is a housewife.
She was Studied in Faizunnesa Government Girl’s high School , Comilla Victorea College and at last She has completed BA(Hon) in Southeast University. Her younger sister name is Progga Sinha Saha Momi.

At the time of competition of Lux Channel I Superstar 2007 it was announced that the winner we get scope to cast in dallywood film of Humayun Ahmed’s film named Amer acha Jol. This film was milestone of her career. From that time he was modeling and acting in TV drama two years. She was come back Dallywood Movies( Bangladeshi cinema) named Amer Praner Priya. It was a romantic film which director was Jakir Hossain Raju.
The following is her Movies:
1. Amar Ache Jol
2. Amar Praner Priya
3. Jonakir Alo
4. TarkaataTarkaata
5. Kanamachi
6. Podmo Patar Jol
7. Morichika
8. Dil Bole Awara
9. Good Morning London
10. Mon Baksho
11. Sweetheart
She had got the following price:
2. Meril Prothom Alo Awards best actress on 2011 &2012

She participated in Lux Channel I Superstar in 2007, in Bangladesh. She was the winner of the contest. During the competition, it was announced that the winner of the contest would be cast in novelist and filmmaker Humayun Ahmed’s dhallywood film (Bangladeshi bangla cinema) Amar Ache Jol in 2007 under Impress Telefilm Limited. So, as a winner Bidya Sinha Saha Mim was cast. The film was not targeted for wide range of audience and only released in selected movie theaters. But, the film helped Bidya Sinha Mim to start her career.

After her debut movie, She was absent from silver screen for two years. She did modeling and acting in TV dramas (Bangla Natok). Her debut TV drama was actor turned director Mahfuz Ahmed’s Shesher Kobitar Porer Kobita. Some of her TV dramas (Bangla Natok) are Mahfuz Ahmed’s Shesher Kobitar Porer Kobita, Doyal Rahman’s Jodha Akbar, Sheikh Selim’s A B C, Sheikh Selim and Alam Ashraf’s Tini Bujhtey Parlen Je Eta Prem Noy, Mohan Khan’s Nil Josnai Kalo Shap, and Mizanur Rahman’s Shopnogulo Tai Opurno.
In 2009, after two years she came back to Dhallywood movie (Bangladeshi bangla movie) screen with the movie Amar Praner Priya. In that film her costar was Shakib Khan. It’s a romantic comedy film, directed by Jakir Hossain Raju. Released on September 20, 2009 in Eid ul-Fitr. Bidya Sinha Saha Mim again got no more movies for almost three years, but continued acting in small screen and modeling for TVCs.
In 2012, Bangladeshi actress Bidya Sinha Saha Mim returned to the silver screen with the movie Jonakir Alo. The movie was directed by Khalid Mahmud Mithu. The film also stars Emon and Kalyan. The movie did average in box office. Her fourth movie Kanamachi is schedule to be released in 2014. The film is directed by Mohammed Mostafa Kamal Raj. Her costars in the movie are Shakib Khan and Chanchal Chowdhury
Year Title Director Co-Stars Notes Ref.
2008 Amar Ache Jol
Humayun Ahmed
Zahid Hasan,Shaon

2009 Amar Praner Priya
Jakir Hossain Raju Shakib Khan

2014 Jonakir Alo Khalid Mahmud Mithu
The film won ‘Audience Choice Award’ in 12th ‘Asian Film Festival'[4]

Mostofa Kamal Raj Arifin Shuvoo, Moushumi

2015 Kanamachi M M Kamal Raz Shakib Khan, Chanchal Chowdhury

Podmo Patar Jol Tonmoy Tansen Emon

Morichika Redwan Roni Tahsan [9][10]

Dil Bole Awara Raja Chanda

Good Morning London Tania Ahmed Sajjad, Mir Sabbir Starring Graham ‘Beefcake’ B [11][12]

Mon Baksho Anjan Dutt
Announced [13]

Sweetheart Wajed Ali Sumon Bappy Chowdhury , Emon
Announced [14

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